Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Nate's Pirate Desert Island Disc is back this week.

Way back in PGP #20 I introduced by illegitimate brother Nate the pirate captain of the Spotted Dick. The swashbuckling section of the show was then back again in show #71 (Link to show 71) Our mother was not too imaginative when it came to naming us, hence the confusing unimaginative reuse of our first names.

In 1758 he went to sea to begin the sweet trade as a buccaneer. Every so often he moors near the coast by the Garden of Delights and conscripts a few new crew. Unfortunately, not all of them make the grade and inevitably a few of them have to be thrown off the ship, cast adrift to the next desert island the ship comes across. As the result of receiving a job-lot (see what I did there?) of early Apple Gar-IPods he tends to allow them to take three songs with them, as long as they can justify why they want them. Incidentally his parrot Colin Beuaregard, unable to fly because of a gammey wing actually has a very important role in vetoing the music, though this is not always apparent.

I'll be reintroducing Captain Nate in this week's show (#131). If after listening you would be interested in being conscripted, drop me a line on and we see if we can get you keelhauled.


MICKEY & THE MUTANTS : Touch The Madness

I really can't get enough of this album at the moment. One of the most fantastic things about Mickey & The Mutants album "Touch the Madness" is that it has a genuine old-school psychobilly sound but has a modern twist with it's punchy production. It has a haunting darkness about it rather than a blatant "here come the zombies to eat your brains" lyrical focus. This is definitely an album you want in your collection and in your car for the latter half of the summer.

Mickey and the Mutants are: Mick - Double bass/Vocals Norm - Guitar/Vocals Hodge - Drums/Vocals 


Friday, 19 July 2013

PGP #130 out today!

Psychobilly Garden Party #130

Feet under the table!

New episode here on! Or get it on ITunes I'm back. You can't keep me away for long you know!
It's a straight through show with plenty of rattling on about the
Psychobilly Weekender in Barcelona and tonnes of kick-ass music for your
listening pleasures. I make the mistake of taking the gang for a trip to the
seaside and that goes about as well as would be expected ;)
We've got The Sharks, Mad Sin, Guana Batz, The Zorchmen, Rock-It Dogs
and even a bit of The Damned amongst others.
Get your boogie pants on. It's good to be back.

PGP - because without it life would be dead.

Songs on PGP #130

0. Tim Curry - Anything Can Happen on Halloween
1. The Sharks - Hooker
2. The Zorchmen - Kipper Trench
3. Rock-It Dogs - Take a Fall
4. Recently Deceased - Rock and Roller
5. Guana Batz - Just Love me
6. Torment - Worse and worse
7. Mad Sin - Dead Men Tell No Tales
8. The Damned - Love Song
9. The Zorchmen - Reloaded
10. Mad Sin - Mad to the Bone
11. Recently Deceased - Wolfbite
12. 44 Double D - Three poison kisses
13. Guana Batz - loan shark
14. The Sharks - Colour My Flesh
15. The Damned - Smash It Up (Part 2)
16. Rock-It Dogs - All Gone Bad
17. The Zorchmen - No More No Less
18. Rock-It Dogs - Take No Prisoners
19. The Sharks - Side show freak
20. Mad Sin - Costa del Hell
21. The Immaculate Deceptions - Teenage monster
22. Recently Deceased - Road Warrior
23. The Damned - I Just Can't Be Happy Today
24. Guana Batz - Rockin' In My Coffin
25. Scratchin' My Way Out - The Sharks

Friday, 12 July 2013

Back from the Psychobilly Meeting.

Good morning world! That’s what I said when I jumped out of bed at 6.30 am this morning
after arriving home from Barcelona at 1.30 am. No, I bloody-well did not! I grumbled. I
moaned. However, as I was scraping the dead skin, sand from
my rosy English gob and looked down at my newest ink on my arm
I started remembering all of the fantesticle bands I’d seen, people I’d talked to and
put a name-to-a-face(book), oscillating from laying on the beach recovering after a 5 am
meander back to the hotel each night and the Weekender
I had a cheeky grin and a Psycho Gardener spring-in-my-step
again. What a fanny-tastic time was had by all. I’m coming back to lots of
psychobilly-business now with the plans on for a new online
magazine, Youtube video to edit together and share and, of course, new Psychobilly
Garden Party shows to make. I always come back from a psychobilly weekender buzzed
and ready to hey-ho!-let’s-go, but this time I really do feel like it’s a fresh new start for the show.

There are some other exciting news for the site coming but those
will become apparent over the next few weeks.

I’ll post a bit more actual information on the Weekender over the next few days. Love on y’az.