Monday, 16 September 2013

Nice to see you, to see you ... nice.

Show art for the Psychobilly Garden Party #134.
It was really great getting back from Sexmoan in the Philippines and, as you heard in this week's Psychobilly Garden Party #134, Teabag had done a surprisingly good job at recording the show. As I mentioned in the show, I've still got quite a lot on at the moment and the recording of the show is going to be a little erratic for a month or two. My biggest problem is that I love doing it, so I have a tendency to move other important stuff in life around to give me the chance to make the show until it piles up so high that it reaches a critical mass. There are dead bodies to be made into super-soldier, manipulating World events and, not least, trying to control the chaos of the Psychobilly Garden of Delights. I will be doing my best to produce as many PGPs as possible but keep an eye out here on the blog, on the Facebook site, G+ and Twitter for announcements of upcoming shows.

It's good to be back.

Love on ya' all.

Monday, 9 September 2013

The Bloodstrings

The Bloodstrings

Nick from The Bloodstrings just sent me a couple of tracks from their EP for inclusion on the show. Apparently they were founded back in 2009 and from Aachen in Germany, their goal is just to play the music that they love. That sounds like a plan if you ask me. Their influences are horror punk and rockabilly, as well as psychobilly.

Apparently they've supported The Creepshow on their tour. A really great sounding groove on the enclosed video to "Black Cat."

They've got a Facebook page over at I'll be spinning a couple on this week's show (PGP #134).


Yeah you diseased chainsaw chicks and gardenerbilly freaks.
We're coming back.
Missed us?