Wednesday, 29 January 2014

This week's listening. Gothabilly Razin' Hell.

Gothabilly Razin' Hell
Good morning psychogardenerbillys and chainsaw chicks.
I thought I would punch a few lines about a compilation album I am revisiting this week. It is the excellent "Gothabilly Razin' Hell" from Skully Records. This is the third compilation of gothabilly artists released by Skully Records and many of the artists have been featured on the previous two albums too. We have many well-known artists playing in the doom country influenced gothabilly style like The Coffinshakers, Big John Bates, and Mr. Badwrench but also several lesser known or more regional-based artists like Pussyliquor and The Spectres. Psychocharger rears it's head again and though I would argue that they are not what I would personally term gothabilly, they are also very hard to classify anyway and they fit in with the overall sound of the compilation. I have played the previous two compilations several times on the PGP Show - in fact they were heavily featured on the first two or three show. This makes them dear to my old, creaking, undead heart . From a cursory sweep of the intercobwebs I have found that you can track down sellers of the CD via Amazon. I will be spinning some tracks from the album on PGP this week which will be show number 149. In the meantime, how about dropping a few dollars, euros or pounds to get a hold of this classic compilation. Time for me to grab some coffee.

Have a kick-arse Wednesday!

Skully Records