Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Getting to Know: A Show Within the Show (HRHG).

    The old tales say that somewhere, deep in the woods of Missouri near Route 66 there is a haunted garage. Long lost to normal folks, some even say it exists beyond the veil of time and space; or that it is a portal to some far away and most unwholesome land. Well, I'm here to set you straight... That isn't even the half of it!
The Garage, and our gas pump!
    The Hot Rod Horror Garage was once attached to an asylum, abandoned many years ago amid a torrent of scandal and accusations of murder, torture, human sacrifice, and much more. One particularly nasty inhabitant of that asylum was known simply as 'Doc'. Turns out this fellow was quite a dabbler in many things that are best left undisturbed. In the final days, before the asylum was shut down Doc went missing, he had skulked off into the maintenance tunnels and was assumed dead.  Really what had happened was that Doc knew what was in store for him if he was caught, so he hid; just long enough for the authorities to leave.
The asylum graveyard.

    What happened next isn't fully known, but somehow old Doc got tangled up in a mess with a demonic portal, and an old car that was in the maintenance garage. The car is haunted and demands frequent blood sacrifices, Doc does his best to appease it in fear of what would happen to him if he upsets the demon. After years of serving this possessed car Doc has gone quite mad, and has nearly lost all grip with reality.  The locals stories now all call him 'Doc Wrench' his reputation as a mad mechanic/scientist with a haunted hot rod is legend throughout the region.

This here is our road, if you see it; come on down!
    That is where I come in, I help Doc. I'm the voice of reason, the cat that gets things done when they need doin', and the guy trying to keep Doc from going completely over the deep end. I handle the boring stuff around the garage; keeping the music rocking, arranging parties, buying supplies, working out business deals, and most importantly... luring folks out to the woods to learn the legend of Doc Wrench.  You see, if the legend is lost, no one will head way out in the woods and that makes it a lot harder to keep this blood lusting car under control. Its an important job, maybe not as exciting as being a madman, but someone has to do it. Some say I've done this for so long, I might be as mad as Doc. Some even say I am Doc, its hard to say for sure. I guess anything is possible.

Remember the barn dance? It was in here!
    But enough of that boring history stuff, lets talk about the show within a show: Hot Rod Horror Garage!
After getting my feet wet with a few issues of the show I started to sort out where my ideas were working and where they don't work so well.  I've settled in on a plan to try for the next few shows and see how it works out. I won't guarantee that it will be heavy psychobilly, because quite honestly, there is a lot of great music that needs to be heard. So in addition to some psychobilly, expect to hear rockabilly, punk, horror rock, interesting hard rock, maybe some bluegrass and other strange bits. Its probably worth noting that I will often lean heavily toward hot rod themed songs, or songs that are good while driving.  I hope you enjoy the show, or have the fast forward button handy!  Ill be talking to you soon...

Contact the show hotrodhorrorgarage@gmail.com or find me lurking on the Google+ Page.
Here is a bonus, Doc's test still.