Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Puttin' on the cans, mixing up a little something so all y'all can shake your cans!

Well well well, that Nitro-shine concoction Doc mixed up in #8 has really put a fire under us here in the garage.  So the wrenches are out, the compressor is running, and were gonna put some wheels on another episode this week.

Valentines day is nearly upon us. Lets get serious for a moment; whether or not you will be celebrating Valentines day depends on a number of complex social factors. Such variables as your culture acknowledging the day as special, relationship status, and more... bah who am I kidding.  You are either doin' it or not *wink wink, nudge nudge*! Either way you need some music.  Preferably something that kicks ass, because lets be honest 'billies, romantic sappy crap isn't usually our gig.  So grab a partner, or not, and get ready for another batch of Nitro-shine for your earholes!

Lastly, after the last show I was asked what is Nitromethane. Well, you can click that link for science, or just know that it can be a fuel for certain extreme power purposes. It has enormous energy potential as you can see in this picture of a nitro explosion back in 1999.
Doug Herbert blowing up a motor in '99